11 Ways to Keep Your Hilton Points From Expiring

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With most hotel rewards programs, your points can expire if you don’t have any activity in your account after a certain time period.

Hilton points expire after 12 months of inactivity (earning or redeeming points).  But there are plenty of ways to keep them active, even if you don’t stay at Hilton hotels!

Stay at The Waldorf Astoria Orlando Golf Club for an Incredible Golf Getaway With Points From the Hilton Honors American Express Card Welcome Bonuses.
Stay at The Waldorf Astoria Orlando Golf Club for an Incredible Golf Getaway With Points From the Hilton Honors American Express Card Welcome Bonuses.

If you are facing the risk of point expiration, try out one of these 11 tips to keep your Hilton points alive for future travels.

11 Ways to Keep Hilton Points From Expiring

Here are 11 tips you can use to keep your Hilton points from expiring so you can keep them alive for that next vacation you have planned.

The Easiest Way to Keep Points From Expiring

You will never have to worry about your points expiring if you have one of the Hilton Honors American Express credit cards and use it at least once per year.

Stay at a Hilton Hotel

Of course staying at a Hilton hotel will keep your Hilton points from expiring.  This can either be in the form of redeeming your points for an award stay, or purchasing a stay to earn more points.

Unlike other hotels, booking a future award stay at Hilton with points will NOT reset the expiration of your points unless you actually complete your stay before the expiration date.

You can earn or redeem Hilton points with these hotel brands:

  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts
  • Waldorf Astoria™ Hotels & Resorts
  • Conrad Hotels
  • Canopy by Hilton
  • Curio Collection by Hilton
  • DoubleTree by Hilton
  • Tapestry Collection by Hilton
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Hampton by Hilton
  • Tru by Hilton
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton
  • Home2 Suites by Hilton
  • Hilton Grand Vacations

Transfer Points to Hilton

Folks who have an American Express card that earns Membership Rewards points can transfer those points to Hilton at a 1:2 ratio.  The minimum transfer amount is 1,000 AMEX Membership Rewards points which equals 2,000 Hilton points.

Transfer Points From American Express Membership Rewards to Your Hilton Account at a 1:2 Ratio.

If you want to keep points from expiring and have AMEX Rewards points to spare, just transferring the 1,000 point minimum to 2,000 Hilton points is a great way to go.

You can also move points to Hilton from Hawaiian Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.  These points transfer to Hilton at a 2:3 ratio.  So 2,000 Virgin Atlantic or Hawaiian Airlines miles will earn you 3,000 Hilton points.

Shop at the Hilton Honors Shopping Mall

Hilton lets folks use points to purchase everyday products from the Hilton online shopping mall.  You can purchase everything from Apple electronics to Kitchen Aid home essentials and other popular brand name gear.

Your point value is pretty low here, so this isn’t the best way to use your points.  But you can find a few things for cheap to reset the points in your account.

Top-Up by Purchasing Some Points

You can purchase Hilton points directly to add points to your account and push back that expiration another year.  The minimum purchase of $10 will get you 1,000 Hilton points.

Top Up Your Points Account By Purchasing Points From Hilton's Website. Until August 15th You Can Save 40% on Point Purchases Over 5,000 Hilton Points.
Top Up Your Points Account by Purchasing Points From Hilton’s Website.  Sometimes There Are Bonus Promotions

Keep an eye out for special offers that Hilton runs from time to time which allow you to earn even more points per purchase.  There is a maximum of 80,000 Hilton points you can purchase per year.

Keep in mind that pooling points with friends and family doesn’t count as activity and will not reset the expiration on your account.

Shop on Amazon

Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to be buying something off Amazon soon anyway, so why not use a few Hilton points to save some money and reset your Hilton point expiration?

Connect Your Hilton Account to Your Amazon Account to Use Hilton Points for Credit on Amazon.com
Connect Your Hilton and Amazon Accounts to Redeem Hilton Points for Amazon Purchases

In general, the conversion rate on these points is not a great deal compared to using them at the hotel, but this could be useful to use in small quantities.  Using 500 Hilton points gives you $1 off at Amazon.  You can redeem points in 500 Hilton point ($1 Amazon credit) increments with the minimum being just 500 Hilton points.

To get started, link your Hilton and Amazon accounts together.  Shop on Amazon as you normally would and checkout.  During checkout, select the “Pay with Hilton Points” option and choose how many points you want to use.  Even the minimum 500 Hilton points will save you $1 off your order and reset expiration.

Dine Out With Hilton Honors Dining

Grab some dinner and earn Hilton points in the process!  Search for a qualifying restaurant near you on the Hilton Honors Dining Site.  Register a credit card on the site and then make sure to use that card when purchasing your meal.  You don’t need a Hilton credit card to do this – any card will work (and you can earn rewards from you card like normal on top of the Hilton dining points).

Hilton Honors Dining
Dine Out and Earn Hilton Points Through the Hilton Honors Dining Program.

The earning amounts are tiered so that the more often you use Hilton Honors Dining, the more points you earn from each purchase.  Opt-in for email notifications and eat out more than 10 times per year to earn the maximum 8 Hilton points per $1 spent at qualifying restaurants.

Take Surveys With eRewards

If you have some spare time, you can take market research surveys through eRewards to earn Hilton points.  Taking a survey usually earns you ~$5 to ~$8 of account eRewards credit if you qualify and complete the survey.  This eRewards credit can be redeemed for travel rewards including Hilton points.

redeem erewards for hilton credit
eRewards Is a Simple Way to Add Hilton Points to Your Account. The Minimum eRewards Credit Required is $25

The minimum redemption amount is $25 eRewards credit which earns you 1,000 Hilton points.  It takes a lot of time to earn $25 eRewards credit, but if you already have some credit it is a good way to transfer points to Hilton and reset your point expiration.

Order Flowers for Someone Special

If you have any birthdays, anniversaries, romantic holidays, or special occasions coming up, consider purchasing flowers through FTD, 1-800-FloralsTeleflora, and more to earn Hilton points.  This is a great way to cheer someone up while also extending the expiration of your Hilton points (they never have to know). 😉

Hilton Shopping Portal For Flowers
Earn up to 15 Hilton Points per $1 Spend on Flower Purchases Through Qualifying Vendors

There are a number of floral companies to choose from.  Visit the Hilton Shopping Mall Flowers Page and choose the company you want to purchase the flowers through.  Each company has its own Hilton point earning amounts.  The best value is through 1-800-Floral which offers 15 Hilton points per $1 spent.

Rent a Car

Renting a car through the Hilton Earning Portal can be a good way to earn some extra Hilton points if you are already planning a car rental.

Hilton offers up to 5,000 Hilton points per qualifying car rental, and they currently support Alamo, National, and Enterprise.  In order to make sure you earn points for your rental, you want to search for a car through the links on the Hilton Earning Portal and complete your reservation in the same tab that the Earning Portal opens up.

Donate to a Good Cause

Folks with a lot of Hilton points can use those points to donate to a good cause.  Not only does Hilton make a donation on your behalf, but it also resets the expiration date on your other points.

Donate with PointWorthy
Use Hilton Points to Make a Donation to a Good Cause. The Minimum Donation Amount Is $10 Which Costs 4,000 Hilton Points

Hilton uses a site called PointWorthy where you can find non-profit organizations and donate to them.  Once you find the organization you want to make a donation to, you can select how many Hilton points you want to redeem for the donation.  The minimum donation amount is $10 which requires 4,000 Hilton points.

Bottom Line

Hilton points expire after 12 months of inactivity on your account.  Luckily, there are lots of ways to keep your Hilton points from expiring.

The easiest way to keep your points active is by using a Hilton Honors AMEX card to earn points from purchases you make every day, such as:

Here are other ways to keep your Hilton points from expiring:

  • Stay at a Hilton hotel
  • Transfer points from AMEX Membership Rewards to Hilton at a 1:2 ratio, or from Virgin Atlantic or Hawaiian Airlines at a 2:3 ratio
  • Shop at the online Hilton Shopping Mall
  • Top-up by purchasing points
  • Redeem Hilton points to shop on Amazon
  • Dine out with Hilton Honors Dining
  • Take surveys with eRewards
  • Order flowers for someone special
  • Rent a car and earn points
  • Use points to donate to a good cause

Let us know in the comments below if we missed any of your favorite ways to keep Hilton points from expiring.