15 Actions to Reboot Your Life

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On Wednesday I released an episode of the podcast about how you break a negative cycle and reboot your life.  Since then, I’ve heard from quite a few people that the topic totally rattled their molars and rocked their world.  So let’s continue the discussion.  Please allow me to share fifteen behaviors that I personally found very beneficial, as I rebooted my own life.

  • Spend daily self-development time.
  • Invest in things that actually help you progress, not things to impress other people.
  • Judiciously protect your mental state, by limiting your expose to negative and toxic people.
  • Surround yourself with people who challenge you, and require you to be a little breathless to keep up.
  • Challenge yourself to do one big thing every week that scares you.
  • Schedule at least 45 minutes every week simply to think. (Block it off and do it.)
  • Every time you uncover a belief or fear you can’t do something, question the premise. Ascertain if it is really not possible for you, or if you just have bad programming.
  • Forgive everyone who has harmed you. Start with yourself.
  • Choose to live your life without regrets, anger, or jealousy.
  • Measure habits or behaviors you want to improve.
  • Do cardiovascular exercise every day.
  • Eat and drink to fuel your nutritional needs, not for pleasure and taste alone.
  • Begin and end every day with a prayer of gratitude. Keep your heart in breath-taking awe, at the daily miracles you experience.
  • Be quick to say, “I’m sorry,” “thank you,’ and “I love you.”
  • Find something bigger than yourself that you can serve.

Breaking a negative cycle and reinventing yourself isn’t an instant result.  But it is an instant decision.  And then it becomes manifest by deliberate daily actions like these above.

Got any others that work for you?  Please share them with the community in the comments below.


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