3 Portable Craft Ideas That Are Perfect for Traveling

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When I travel somewhere (with miles and points of course!), usually I like to bring a book and download a few shows on Netflix to give me something to do when I have some time to myself.  A recent post I saw on Facebook asked for portable craft ideas to take along when traveling, and this got me thinking about other activities that I can do.  The first two ideas are also wonderful activities to keep children entertained on long flights/layovers.  Here are some of my favorites.

Portable Craft Ideas Perfect for Traveling

 1.   Origami

Origami is perfect for traveling because it’s lightweight, great for meeting people, and fun for gifting your designs to strangers or new friends.  It’s also a perfect screen-free activity to keep kids busy on long flights.

Origami Takes Patience, But the Results Are Worth It!

2.   Painting Rocks

Unbeknownst to me, painting rocks has a huge following.  There’s a Facebook group dedicated to it, with over ~8,000 members who discuss making, finding, and hiding the rocks.  Rock painters love Uni Posca Paint Marker Pens from Japan.  This can also be a great activity for kids on a plane.  I love to paint and create designs, so this is my favorite idea of the list.  I also really like that you can leave them around on your travels for someone else to find.  

I Found This Rock Near a Historic Landmark Outside of Austin

3.  Wool Felting

Wool felting may take the longest, but the cute, soft animals can make excellent gifts and spread a lot of joy.  Handmade gifts are my favorite gifts to receive.  I got this starter kit at a Daiso shop in San Diego, which is a Japanese discount store.

I Haven’t Tried Wool Felting, But This Looks Like Fun

What crafts do you like to bring with you traveling?  Which crafts are your kids’ favorites?