4 Popular Travel Destinations in the US for 2016

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We all dream of exotic beaches and exploring foreign cities, but if your budget isn’t agreeing with your dream bucket-list – There’s no need to worry! Many of this year’s highest rated travel hot spots don’t require a passport. The top American travel destinations for 2016 are on the Lowdown.

1. Hawaii

Crystal blue beaches and colorful lush rainforests, Maui, Lanai, Kauai, Pearl Harbor and Volcanoes National Park come highly recommended this year.

Volcanoes National Park is home to two active volcanoes, one of which is the largest in the world! While 2016 marks the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

2. Yellowstone National Park

“Most visitors, when they come to Yellowstone National Park, don't realize that they're in one of the world's largest active volcanoes,” explains geologist, Henry Heasler.

Yep, that's how the park gets all of its hot water and elevation--it's on a giant volcano!

This year also marks the 100 anniversary of the National Park Service. While parks across the country will host celebrations, Yellowstone will celebrate with the opening of its new Arch Park.

If you have a child in fourth grade, you can get the whole family in free through August 31. Visit everykidinapark.gov for details.

3. The American Southwest

“An enchanting history and unique landscapes have put the American Southwest at the top of many 2016 travel bucket lists,” explains The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer.

This year, Lonely Planet ranks New Mexico as the top value destination in the us for 2016 while landmarks like the Arches, Zion and the Grand Canyon continue to attract tourists from around the globe.

“It really puts a lot of things in perspective I think for a lot of people. You suddenly feel small and your problems seem quite small as you're standing on the edge of the canyon,” Park Ranger Stephanie Sutton comments on the feelings visitors have when visiting the Grand Canyon.

4. Tennessee

From Nashville's thriving music and food scene, to Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains, The Elephant Sanctuary, Bonnaroo and Memphis – Tennessee is a cultural melting pot, rich with American history and good ol’ Southern values. 

Now hop in a car, get on a plane, and cure your wanderlust!

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This article was previously published Bradley Hasemeyer and Amanda Savage on kivitv.com.