5 Great Tips For Unplanned Travel Problems

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Planning Ahead Can Prepare You For Some Travel Pitfalls

Travelling smooth and tranquil is the desire of every traveller or tourist. You do your possible best to ensure that all travel hiccups are dealt with before you leave. However, things do not always seem to go as planned sometimes. There are unforeseen circumstances that could throw a spanner into the wheels of your travel. Therefore, disrupting your plans to have a cheerful and charming travel experience. Despite this, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal says that there are ways to turn the table around and have a rocking travel experience despite these hiccups. Here are 5 ideas to help you when you to overcome such problems.

1) Plan For If The Car Breaks Down, Have A Cell Phone And Some Snacks

Your car breaking down in the middle of no-where could botch your travel plans. It will be lamentation galore if you are driving with your family for a weekend getaway in Calabar from Lagos and your car develops a major fault. What will you do? There is no need to panic. The first thing you should do is to get the car off the road.

With the car off the road and at a safe place, you can beckon at someone to help you get a mechanic. As the mechanic is working on the vehicle, have a taste of a popular local snack or when your car has been fixed, you can drive to one of those ‘mama put’ restaurants to have a taste of their cuisine.

2) Have A Back-up Plan For Lost Travel Documents

Amidst thousands of luggage, you could not find yours. You become hysterical because your travel documents are well-packed in the luggage. Passport, Visa and other important documents are gone with the luggage.

If you have taken out insurance on the travel documents, place a call to the insurance company informing them that you have lost them. They will help you in processing a new one. In the interim, report to airport security that you have misplaced your travel documents which was in your luggage. They may help you locate it.

3) What If Your Booking Accomidations Are Not Found When You Arrive

Embarking on a trip without planning your itinerary could cause a huge interruption of your travels. In your haste, you may forget to book accommodation. Thus, on getting to your destination, you saunter around searching for a suitable hotel that is tailored to your taste. This may be difficult except if you want to settle for a decrepit hotel.

To pull yourself out of this quagmire and nightmare, visit Jovago.com, get the phone number of the online hotel booking portal and call the customer care number. Before you know it you are snoring away in a comfy hotel that suits your taste and class.

4) Have A Plan And Phone Numbers For If You Loose Your Wallet

Losing your wallet may leave a traveller quite disoriented and confused. This is because without money you will be stranded during your travels. Your best option is to reach out to someone that can send you cash. However, ensure that it is not during the weekend you are calling to be sent money because your ATM may probably be in your stolen wallet.

5) Having No Internet Is Not A Bad Thing

Internet now plays an important role in the life of an average individual. With internet connectivity, you can access news and social media on your phones. Hence, having internet is non-negotiable for some traveller.

But if there is no internet access, what will you do? Will you leave your amazing journey for home or look for a way to make your travel more interesting?

When there is no internet at your destination, they are actually inadvertently helping you. Internet addiction will distract you from the essence of your travel. It is worthwhile not to make an issue out of this and enmesh yourself in what your destination has to offer you and your family.

This article was previously published by Wetinhappen Magazine on Dec 01, 2015: