A Cool Way to Experience the Best BBQ's Around The World

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Originally posted by CCSN on February 8, 2016 in Product Review.

If you are a BBQ enthusiast then it is high time to start expanding your experiences and go and taste BBQ’s from all over the world. Come to South Africa and see why they are so crazy about their “braai”. Go to Jamaica and see how they create “Jerk” or be completely exotic and get a taste of “Chuanr” in China.

Each country has their own unique ways to BBQ and use different types of food to create their own traditional BBQ meals. Spain, for instance, likes to roast Lechon which is an entire pig slowly cooked over charcoal heat and in Japan you can see how they create Yakiniku by grilling meats and vegetables together over flame and wood charcoals. There is no better way to explore a new world then to see how they do things. You can learn all the different ways to BBQ so you can entertain your guests on a whole new level.

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