American Airlines Adds Live TV to Domestic Flights

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American Airlines recently announced they have added live TV to their domestic flights.  While they are behind the 8-ball as other airlines already offer this, it is still nice to know they are making improvements.

And it’s hard to complain about having more entertainment options on that next American Airlines award flight!

Who Doesn’t Love Free Live TV?!

Among the channels offered are NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, USA Network, Disney Channel, Telemundo, TNT, CNBC, CNN, Bravo, and the NFL Network.

For context, this brings American Airlines on par with many other airlines.  Southwest is currently offering free live TV, but is looking to charge for those services in the future.  United has partnered with DirectTV to offer digital packages ranging in price.  And Delta has had free in-flight live TV for some time, regardless of what class you are in.  Many of these services require you to download an app on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Airlines are investing time, money, and resources to entertain their customers to ensure the best experience.  And over the next few years, American Airlines is also planning to make it easier to charge your device in-flight by installing more power outlets throughout their planes.

However, as a regular digital media consumer I would prefer that airlines invest more resources into high quality Wi-Fi.  Wouldn’t we all prefer that upgrade?

It is extremely interesting how airlines diversify their revenue streams.  It is widely known that some of the best airline profit margins belong to budget carriers like Spirit and Frontier.  Crazy, huh?!  As the airline industry faces enormous pressures, they will compete for our business.  In the end, that means a better product and service for us!

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