American Airlines Makes Much Needed Improvement to Their Mobile App

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Here’s some good news for impulse shoppers and people who like to book award travel while they’re on the go (like me!) – American Airlines has updated their app so that you can use your American Airlines miles to book award flights on the go.

When I first heard about this I thought to myself “wait, is this not an option with every airline’s app?”  I guess it’s not.  But it really should be!  So good for American Airlines for taking this step.  I know that Delta and United Airlines have had this option available for a while, so it’s nice to see other airlines are catching on that it’s an important feature for their customers.

New Update – Now You Can Book Award Travel on the American Airlines Mobile App!

American Airlines Mobile App Update

Here’s why I love the ability to book award travel while I’m…traveling – it allows me the flexibility to use the miles I’ve accumulated whenever I want.  This update is now available on both iOS and Android devices.  Here are a few reasons this new feature is somewhat significant:

  • Now you can jump on those award flights so much faster.  You don’t have to wait until you’re back at your computer to book and risk losing out on a good seat
  • In the past, you’d have to go to the actual American Airlines website on your phone to book travel, it was a clunky and not ideal.  The mobile app is optimized to look better on your phone, so it’s much easier to navigate
  • American Airlines has been improving their online award booking by adding more partners to their online search, which previously you need to call in to book.  Now you’ll be able to book those same partner airlines through the app as well
  • One of the biggest benefits of this new feature is that you can also easily find available award seats for changing flights while on the go.  We wrote a bit about the secrets to avoiding an expensive change fee with American Airlines recently, and now it’ll be a bit easier to find award seats if you need to make a switch

Do you consider this new update a game changer?  Or does booking travel on your mobile device seem like it’s not a big deal?  Personally, I’m thrilled to know that I can use my miles to book flights whenever and wherever I want.

Let me know if you agree in the comments section below!  And if you’re looking for more American Airlines miles to book those awards with, check out these cards:

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