Are You Winning at Losing?

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That title above is not merely a play on words.  It speaks to something quite deep, which is this: You are winning at the life you’re living at this moment.  Please read that last sentence again. 

What causes me to say that?

Because the truth is, you have manifested exactly the life you envisioned. Really.  I mean that, even if your current life is one of losing.  Even if your current life is one of heartbreak and misery.  Because you become what you most think about.

Think back to that whole series we did on the causes for failure, and the beliefs that underlie that process.  There are really only three types of vision a human being can have for herself:

  • A positive vision, expecting the best.
  • A neutral vision, trying to survive day by day.
  • A negative vision, where you expect bad things to happen to you.

And whichever one of those types of vision you have, that is the life you have successfully manifested for yourself.  If you have a positive vision for yourself, you’re winning at winning.  If you have a neutral vision, you’re winning at playing for a tie.  And if you have a negative vision, you’re winning at losing.

So here’s the vital question…

Since the power of your vision and subconscious mind is so powerful, why don’t you employ them for winning at winning?


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