Be Willing to Do the Critical Thinking

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If you want to become successful, the first skill to develop is that of critical thinking.  You need the intellectual curiosity to actually question things, and the willingness to mindfully engage in thoughtful analysis. 

Millions of people just want to settle for easy, superficial answers, and blame their situations on fate or other outside factors.  It is becoming exceedingly rare to find people who even understand the concept of critical thinking.  Even of the few that do, many of them would still much rather play it safe and allow others to tell them what to think.

And that is why so many millions of people live lives of mediocrity…

The person who doesn’t practice critical thinking sees every defeat as a final outcome.  Critical thinkers are the ones who discover alternatives.  The first group identifies itself by victim-hood.  The second group discovers possibilities.

Which group are you in?


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