Believing in a Dream

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Want to hear the best motivational story you’ll ever hear from a non-motivational speaker?  It comes courtesy of my friend Matt Kramer.  Matt isn’t a motivational speaker.  He’s a rock star.  And by that, I don’t mean he’s a rock star because he’s good at some thing or another.  I mean he’s actually a fucking rock star.  

Matt was the front man for Saigon Kick, an indie rock band that exploded on the scene in Miami back around ’88.  Here’s his story…

When he was in high school, Matt’s mom got a request to come to school for an urgent meeting.  When she arrived, the counselor was sitting with Matt.  He told her that he was trying to help Matt select a college and career path.  But the counselor was exasperated, because Matt kept insisting he wanted to drop out of school and become the lead singer in a rock band.  The counselor asked Matt’s mom for her help, to talk Matt out of his crazy, unpractical dream.  Know what his mom said?

“I believe he’s going to do it.”

And that’s exactly what he did.  Matt lived his dream, rocking stages around the world.  And today he’s a successful voice coach.

So here’s the question for you…

Right now, or sometime soon, someone close to you is going to ask you to believe in their dream.  And that dream might sound crazy and unpractical.

How are you going to respond when they do?

Oh and one other thing.  That person may be really close to you.  Because it might be you.


P.S. Special treat on the podcast this week. An interview Tim Martin did with me on his Success is Voluntary show.  Listen here.

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