Blowing Up Negative Beliefs

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We’ve reached our final post on the deadliest causes or failure. In the last post, I gave you the critical questions to pose to yourself about your core foundational beliefs. (Religion, sex, money, work, relationships.) They are:

  • What are my core beliefs on these subjects?
  • How did I come to get them?
  • Are they actually true?

These are questions most people simply don’t ask.  They operate their whole lives on the programming they received with they were six, seven, or eight years old.

My philosophy is to question all of my beliefs.  If they serve me, I keep them.  If they don’t, I discard them like a hand grenade, and replace them with ones that do.

Here’s what this process can look like for you.

  • You realize you’ve been going through life with an operating system that being poor somehow makes you noble.
  • You come to the epiphany that this operating system is actually harmful to you, and it’s based upon a lie.
  • You replace it with a belief that the highest, spiritual version of yourself would be one where you are prosperous.
  • You start to recognize negative programming when you see it.
  • You counter-program all the negative programming you receive with positive programming; selects books, videos or podcasts that empower you.
  • You’ve now entered the stage where “you think about what you think about.”
  • You make incremental progress slowing expanding your prosperity consciousness, which creates better results in your life, which builds your belief and reinforces your new, positive programming.
  • One day, you reach the tipping point, the spot where 51 percent of your thoughts are positive, empowering ones, instead of negative, limiting ones.

Now your life turns into a “vicious cycle” of expanding prosperity, which manifests in all areas: health, money, relationships, etc.

When you simply let thoughts “happen,” you fall victim to the thousands of negative memes and limiting beliefs circulating through the datasphere at any given time.  When you become the thinker of the thought – meaning being mindful and choosing what you think about – you are able to build a positive life and move daily toward your dreams.

That’s the great news.  Here’s the not-so-great news: That doesn’t mean nothing bad will ever happen to you again.  It doesn’t mean every venture you begin is guaranteed success.  It doesn’t mean that people in your world will never face suicide, disease, or dementia.  Bad stuff happens to everyone at some point or another.

But it does mean the good will out perform the bad.  It means you will grow and learn from the challenges and apply what you learn to have better results in the future.  It does mean you will live the life of prosperity that is your birthright.

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