Buckle Up! Horrifying Takeoff Footage of Ryanair Flight

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Nervous flyers: close your eyes!  Footage of a recent Ryanair takeoff at Birmingham airport is gut-wrenching!

Everything seemed normal as the Alicante-bound aircraft was going down the runway.  But as the pilots began to rotate, the aircraft can be seen lurching to the left and right with the opposite wheels leaving the ground.  The plane ends up having a super wobbly takeoff.  The passengers on board must have been terrified!  People are comparing the takeoff to an “Irish jig” but I think I would prefer to have a smooth waltz when my plane departs.

British Airline Pilots’ Association says although the footage looks scary, pilots are trained for this sort of occurrence.  And they’re very capable of operating planes in strong winds, storms, and unexpected weather conditions.  Although, I read a joke that Ryanair might charge extra for a smooth takeoff.

Luckily, even though a strong gust his this plane, the flight got out just fine. Although there was no danger, it must have been scary to be a passenger.  Ryanair confirmed the rest of the trip was smooth and the flight made it safely to its final destination.