Changing Direction by Changing Habits

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Sometimes in life, you realize that the path you’re on is actually taking you somewhere you have no desire to go.  And you need a course correction.  With a new map.  Changing results, by changing your direction can really be broken down into three steps.

The first step is bringing a bad habit into your awareness.  This is the most important element, because you come out of denial and recognize that the behavior you are doing is hurting you.

Next, you must replace the habit.  Consciously practice a better way.  One that changes the course and gets you back on the path towards your goal, dream, or accomplishment.

Finally you must rehearse the new habit every chance you get – until it becomes automatic.  By doing this you create the psychic “muscle memory” that brings inherent learning and creates implicit mastery.

You’re actually rewiring the emotional centers of your brain, creating a positive feedback loop.  It’s all about repetition and practice.

But it all starts with awareness…

Being willing to be self-aware, taking stock of where you are, versus where you want to actually go.  How you doing on that?


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