Changing Negative People in Your Life…

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In yesterday’s post, I said you probably work with, live with, or are married to some negative people.  And promised to explore what you can do about it.  So let’s get after it…

What is the best way to handle negative people in your life?  And the reality that if you are on a path of growth and enlightenment – you will probably have to change and upgrade the people around you every few years.

This isn’t about being arrogant, mean-spirited, or thinking you’re “better” than others.  It is recognizing that everyone is on different stages of their journeys, and wanting the highest good for all involved.

You don’t ever help anyone who is in poverty consciousness by commiserating or participating in their drama and dysfunction.  The best you can do for them is having empathy and compassion – and making sure you don’t allow them to drag you down to their state.

I did a video on this subject more than seven years ago. It had more than 100,000 views, is still totally relevant today, and really worth a watch.  Check it out here:


Here’s the reality:

  • Some people you can be a positive influence on, helping them reach higher.
  • Some people you can’t be a positive influence on, because they will view you with jealousy, resentment, or even hate.
  • Some people you will need to decrease the amount of time you spend with them.
  • Some people are so toxic and dangerous that you need to completely remove them from your life.

The actual process to prosperity is a continuous progression of “upgrading” the people in your life.  We’ll explore how you actually make that work in the next post.  Until then, please share your thoughts below.


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