Changing Your Direction

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Both here and on the podcast last week, we explored the concept of rebooting your life.  That topic spoke to many people, because we all need and deserve a fresh start now and then.   Some of you expressed frustration with how hard it can be, or how long that can take.  I understand that frustration.  (I only allow myself to feel it about 10,000 times a week.)

Of course you want it to move faster.  Of course you want to be there already.  That’s part of the magic of growth and enlightenment – our desire to make it manifest.

But don’t let that steal away the greatest gift: the thrill of the chase, savoring the process, and the joy of being on the path.  The big step isn’t reaching the destination, it’s making the decision to go there.

You can’t change your destination in an instant.  But you can change your direction instantly.


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