Choosing Growth

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Last post we looked at why having a congruent philosophy to live by is so important. In a practical application sense, here’s where I believe the biggest benefit is…

The direction and ferocity of growth you experience.

There are a number of options in life.  You can:

  • Move backwards toward unhappiness and lack.
  • Bounce forward and backward, depending on what outside stimuli are influencing you in the moment.
  • Have serendipitous accidental growth, not intentional growth and occasionally move forward.
  • Intentionally move forward, to becoming the person you want to be.


Of course we could break down the groups and I could analyze what percentage of people are in what group, but that doesn’t really get us anywhere worth going.  The only thing that really matters is, understanding what group you are currently in, and mindfully choosing which group you want to be in.

So how you doing on that?



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