Circulating Prosperity

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I’m writing you today from Vienna, where I’ll be speaking the next two days.  But back home in the States, it is the Thanksgiving holiday, a day we celebrate all we are grateful for.  So let me start by sharing how grateful I am to all of you.   Thanks for allowing me in your life, sharing my work, and letting me make a living, teaching the things I’m passionate about!  I hope you spend the day in gratitude, harmony and peace. 

Yesterday we talked about creating a vacuum for prosperity.  Today let’s look at circulating prosperity.  (Which is actually an extension of creating a vacuum.)

Stasis is death.

Like a pool of water that becomes stagnant, hoarding your prosperity causes it to decay.  You want your prosperity to be like a river, free flowing, continually in motion.  When you feel like your progression has plateaued or your prosperity seemed stuck – make a conscious effort to circulate prosperity. So allow me to share a few ideas to jumpstart your creative thinking…

Visit or call an elderly person that might not get that many visitors.

Send someone flowers.

Give an aspiring reader or writer you know a gift subscription to Medium.

Fund a micro loan on Kiva.

Cook up a meal and take it to a neighbor or sick friend.

Find a street musician and drop some folding money in their case. (You should do this every time you see a street musician.)

Find a cool classroom project and fund it on Donors Choose.

Search YouTube for a crazy category you’re interested like Battlestar Galactica, beanie babies, or the Mary Tyler Moore show. Find a young content creator with a channel who doesn’t have a lot of subscribers or views.  Watch and “like” a couple of their videos and leave them a comment.  And if they have some kind of merch available, buy something.  I don’t give a shit what it is; just buy it.  The money won’t mean much to you, but it will mean the world to them.

Actually write and mail a few cards, (you know, made of paper), to let some people in your life know you are thinking of them.

Do you realize more than 600 million people on earth don’t have safe drinking water?  You can pledge your next birthday, make a one-time gift, or set up a monthly donation to Charity: water where 100% of your blessing goes to building wells.

The possibilities here are limitless. Think of all the blessings you have and circulate some of them.  Here’s the really cool thing about circulating prosperity.  You will always be blessed with much more good than you send out.

Because you can’t out-give the universe.

But try anyway…


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