Contactless Chase Cards Are Coming – Check to See If Your Card Is Being Updated Because You’ll Need to Change Your Auto-Payments

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Throughout December 2018 and January 2019, Chase cardholders may start seeing new cards showing up in their mailboxes.  These new cards will feature contactless NFC chips.

Contactless chips enable you to pay with a card by simply tapping it onto a compatible credit card terminal in lieu of inserting the card into the chip reader.  This technology is already commonplace throughout the world, but the US has been slow to adopt it.

Now Chase will be one of the first major US credit card issuers to add this technology to their cards.  Chase will be automatically re-issuing new cards and sending them to cardholders over the next several months.

They are already sending out new contactless cards, but my favorite Chase cards, like the Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card and Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card won’t be transitioning until early 2019.

Contactless Payments Are Coming To Chase Visa Cards Over The Coming Months.  Keep An Eye on Your Mail for New Cards

Chase Introducing Contactless Payment to Its Visa Cards in Coming Months

Starting November 14, 2018 Chase began rolling out contactless (NFC tap-to-pay) functionality.  If you check your wallet and see a Visa logo on your Chase card, then you can expect it to be replaced soon with a card that supports contactless payments.

Coming in November 2018:

Coming in December 2018:

Coming in Early 2019:

The new cards will have the same credit card number as your current card, but the expiration date and CVV (security code) will be different.  This means that you WILL need to update your payment information for any recurring payments you have set up.

As with other newly issued cards, keep an eye out for blank white envelopes in your mail from generic addresses as they may contain your new card.

The US Is Already Prepared For Contactless Payments

In the US, 70 of Visa’s top 100 merchants already offer the ability to pay using contactless pay.  Outside the US, Visa contactless pay is booming.  Over 40% of all Visa transactions outside the US are being made using contactless payments.  You can expect the need to insert your card into a chip reader to be less and less common over the coming years.

Have you already gotten a replacement card from Chase?

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