Czar PRL: Life Under Communism Museum in Warsaw, Poland

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Czar PRL: Life Under Communism Museum.

This tiny museum, which is better described as a large collection, is spread throughout two rooms in a former factory in the Praga district of Warsaw. Though the space is small, this characterful exhibition crams a lot in.

The museum was founded by Rafał and Marta Patla, who also run tours of Warsaw in vintage “Nysa 522” vans to give an immersive historical backdrop. The space follows the layout of a typical home and is roughly divided into different rooms.

In each room, you can admire the kitsch design of many everyday products. Everything from household appliances down to soap and cereal packets has been lovingly displayed, making it look as if the homeowner just stepped out and will return at any moment.

Vintage records play in the living room. In the canteen, you can try your hand at children’s board games. You can even purchase a soda in an original 1960s glass bottle and settle down to plan the rest of your trip with some antique guide books to Poland.

The whole museum feels like a time capsule of communist Poland. It’s meant to let younger generations get a sense of the lives their elders lived within the People’s Republic of Poland. A lot of the material was donated by members of the public, and the collection continues to grow as more donations arrive.