Dancing with Uncertainty

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When I wrote Risky Is the New Safe, it spoke to many people on an emotional level.  They really connected with the concept that not taking chances was actually quite risky, and that being willing to risk something, was actually safer in the long term.

To live a prosperous life, you have to drill down yet one more level.  Because you have to also stop chasing certainty in your life. 

We want to be sure of everything: who is going to win the Red Sox/Yankees series, what the weather is going to be, the results of the next election, whether our stock portfolio is going to go up, and every other possible outcome, small and grand.

Remember the quaint idea of a blind date?  Can you imagine that happening now?  Today, most people expect a mobile app to reveal the candidate’s stats, habits, preferences, and fetishes – and provide naked pictures for approval – before they even agree for the first meeting.

There are three problems with demanding certainty in your life…

Number one, it simply isn’t possible.  None of us really knows what our destiny is.  You could go down in a plane crash tomorrow, or take a nap this afternoon and never wake up.  Trying to control outcomes that you have no control over is quite frustrating.

Number two, chasing certainly creates a fear-based consciousness.  You always end up trying to protect yourself against all bad things and negative outcomes.  So instead of living to win, you’re trying not to lose.  There’s not much prosperity in that.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, looking for certainty limits you from experiencing so much in life.

There is so much mystery, mystique, and magic in uncertainty.  The more you’re willing to dance with uncertainty, the more anticipation, wonder, and adventure you allow into your life.

So how you doing on that?


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