Earn Frequent Flyer Miles on Your Free Flights to Hawaii With These Great Fare Deals!

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There are some great deals to Hawaii right now, with round-trip flights starting at under $400!  With cheap flights like these, it might make sense to pay cash and save your miles & points for more expensive flights.

But these fares are so low, folks with The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN could take advantage of the card’s 35% rebate when using AMEX Pay with Points, and save lots of AMEX Membership Rewards points on award tickets.

And anyone with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card could get similarly good deals through the Chase Travel Portal.

Thanks to Your Miles & Points Collection, Your Morning Could Look Like THIS Very Soon!

Let’s take a look at these deals!

Cheap Flights to Hawaii With AMEX Membership Rewards Points!

Link:   AMEX Pay with Points

You can use AMEX Pay with Points to purchase airfare with your AMEX Membership Rewards points through the AMEX travel portal.  Using this feature your AMEX Membership Rewards points are worth 1 cent each.

While this usually isn’t the best use for your AMEX Membership Rewards points, there are advantages to booking flights this way.  The biggest benefits are:

Plus, you can potentially save boatloads of points.

That’s because if you have the AMEX Business Platinum card, you’ll get a 35% rebate when you use AMEX Pay with Points for any Business or First Class flight or any flight with your selected airline.  Which could make these fares we’re seeing to Hawaii a great deal for some folks!

For example, the United Airlines flight below from Newark to Kahului costs $392 or 39,179 AMEX Membership Rewards points.

The AMEX Business Platinum Card’s 35% Rebate on Certain Pay With Points Redemptions Makes These Flights a Great Deal!

But if you have the AMEX Business Platinum card and United Airlines is your selected airline, you’ll only end up paying ~25,466 AMEX Membership Rewards points for this flight.  Because you’ll be getting ~13,713 AMEX Membership Rewards points back (39,179 AMEX Membership Rewards points X 35% Rebate).  And you’ll be earning frequent flyer miles, too!

That said, anyone flying to Hawaii from the West Coast can book round-trip flights for only 25,000 British Airways Avios points or 24,000 Singapore Airlines miles.  And both airlines are 1:1 transfer partners with AMEX Membership Rewards.  So that’s likely a better deal if you can find available award seats, or if the cash price of the tickets you need are higher.

For the rest of us, taking advantage of the AMEX Business Platinum card’s 35% rebate on certain airfare when paying with points is likely to be your best option for using AMEX Membership Rewards points to fly to Hawaii.  If you can find cheap fares like we’re seeing now!

Cheap Flights to Hawaii With Chase Ultimate Rewards Points!

If you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card your Chase Ultimate Rewards points are worth 1.5 cents each toward travel booked through the Chase Travel Portal!

So you could book this Hawaiian Airlines flight that’s ~$363 from Phoenix to Hawaii for only 24,187 Chase Ultimate Rewards points (~$363 / 1.5 cents per Chase Ultimate Rewards point)!

With the Chase Sapphire Reserve, You Can Book This Flight to Hawaii for Even Fewer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points!

There is no shortage of ways to use Chase Ultimate Rewards points to get to Hawaii.  You can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to British Airways or Singapore Airlines to fly from the West Coast, as I mentioned before.

And you can also fly to Hawaii from anywhere in the US with only 25,000 Korean Air miles (1:1 transfer partner of Chase Ultimate Rewards)!  The biggest problem with that deal is you’ll have to find low-level Delta award seats for it to work.  And that can be challenging.

So, if you can find cheap fares that fit your travel plans, then paying with Chase Ultimate Rewards Points could be another great option.

Bottom Line

Right now, we’re seeing cheap fares (under $400!) to Hawaii.  With prices that low, it can make sense to pay cash OR purchase your flights with flexible points.

Folks with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card can use their Chase Ultimate Rewards points to purchase travel through the Chase Travel Portal.  Where your points are worth 1.5 cents each.  And you could buy the cheapest flights to Hawaii for just under 25,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

Or, if you have the AMEX Business Platinum card, you can get a 35% rebate when you use the AMEX Pay with Points feature on all flights with your selected airline!  So you could end up with a nearly free flight from the East Coast to Hawaii for just over 25,000 AMEX Membership Rewards points!

The best part is, when you pay for a flight with flexible points such as AMEX Membership Rewards or Ultimate Rewards points, it’s like paying cash.  So you’ll earn frequent flyer miles at the same time!

And while these prices won’t last forever, these strategies will apply to almost any flight deal you come across.  So bookmark this post and reference it the next time there are prices like these to Hawaii!