Ehrenberg Pioneer Cemetery in Ehrenberg, Arizona

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Ehrenberg Pioneer Cemetery.

The town of Ehrenberg, Arizona, was once a bustling steamboat stop along the Colorado River. At its prime, more than 500 people called the small settlement home.

Ehrenberg was created in 1869 and named after Hermann Ehrenberg, a German emigrant. Hermann spent three years working with the Mojave people along the Colorado River from 1863 until his untimely murder in 1866.

The town thrived as a steamboat stop along the river through the mid-1870s. But things began looking grim when the steamboats were replaced by the modern railroad. Ehrenberg soon became a ghost town.

All that remains of the original town of Ehrenberg are the stone-covered graves and hand-carved wooden markers scattered across the Pioneer Cemetery. They pay a ghostly homage to the Old West. The cemetery was given a permanent monument by the Arizona Highway Department in 1935.