Escape from the Soul-Crushers!

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One of my dear friends called me for advice on how to handle her mother who was dying of cancer.  My advice was simple: Let her die.

Of course that sounds hurtful, negative and heartless.  But it wasn’t really any of those things.  It was the only response I could suggest, to help my friend maintain her own mental health.  I suggested she hire a hospice worker to be with her mother at the end.  But to not visit her.


Because my friend was the victim of incest by her father.  And when she repeatedly went to her mother about it, her mother first denied it, then suggested she was bringing it on herself.  The mother has spent the past 40 years trying to guilt her, playing rackets, and mentally abusing her.

I could write a couple book chapters on the other negative and dysfunctional abuse she has heaped on her family, but prefer to leave it alone.  The point is, this woman was so toxic and harmful to the people around her, some of them (like my friend), needed to completely remove her from their lives.

This is not about forgiveness.  I helped my friend work through that already and she has forgiven her mom.  But that doesn’t mean she could be around her any longer.  She couldn’t.  It was simply too detrimental to her mental health to do so.

One of the most chilling realizations you can come to, is that you have someone in your life that is so toxic and/or abusive, you need to completely remove them from your life.  But remove them you must.  Because your mental health, happiness, or even your life may depend on it.

In the case of abuse, there really are dangers to your life.  Abusers left unchecked often get progressively more dangerous and violent.  And they are experts at manipulating their victims and leading them to believe it is their own fault. If you’re not sure, here is a list of warning signs of abuse.    If you feel physically threatened, please seek immediate professional help.  Check out this site or

No one has the right to mentally or physically abuse you, or ruin your life.  No one.

It doesn’t matter if they are your spouse, family friend, person in authority, or blood relative.  When you have someone that you believe doesn’t really want the highest good for you, you need to reduce your exposure to them.  If they continue to try and tear you down, remove them from your life completely.  And if you feel you are in any danger, get professional help immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do feel threatened, please don’t post that below in the comments.  Your website viewing may be being monitored.  Please seek professional help.

Hopefully you’re not facing physical harm or abuse.  If you are, you’re beyond my ability to help you and need to seek out the authorities and mental health professionals.  So I’ll say no more on that.  But I would like to restate that there may be people in your life that don’t pose a physical threat, but they are extremely dangerous to your mental health, harmony, and prosperity.

They are soul-crushers.  Soul-crushers have given up on their dreams, and they’re left with nothing but pettiness, bitterness and misery.  They spend their lives attacking, ridiculing, and sabotaging anyone they see who is on the path of prosperity.  They simply won’t stop until they crush your soul.  Because if you become successful, prosperous and happy, you take away all of they excuses.

Life is way too short to allow soul-crushers into yours.  Don’t stay in dysfunctional relationships.

Maybe your religion teaches you that you must stay in a threatening relationship no matter what is happening to you.  That’s simply cult-level, brainwashing bullshit.

Maybe you believe because someone is your blood relative you must accept whatever they throw at you.  That’s more craziness. (And they will attempt to use you guilt against you to hold you down further.)  There really are situations where it is appropriate, even necessary, for you to completely remove someone (even a family member), from your life forever.

You are human.  And you are born with the inherent birthright of endeavoring to live a life of prosperity.  Don’t ever let anyone steal that from you.

You know the life you fantasize about when you stare out the window?  Live that life!


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