Execution is the Super Power

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When I consult with companies, you know what I find about 30 percent of the time?  Even though they have a better product, market position, finances, or other things, they’re getting eaten up by a new competitor.


Because the competitor is executing, while the incumbent is debating, preparing, perfecting, market testing, or some other bullshit distraction instead of taking action.

For most people, it’s the same scenario, just on a personal level…

You have great potential assets for greatness: Your mind, body, skills, and inherent talents.   But none of those things destine you for greatness.  The number of people with amazing strength, skill and talent who waste it is mind numbing.  People with less strength, skill and talent can surpass you simply by executing while you’re still debating.

The biggest breakthrough for most people, is simply execution.  It’s the ultimate super power.  If you execute, you’ll discover if the price needs tweaking, the marketing should be modified, or if the strategy isn’t a match.

Execute.  Evaluate.  Modify.  Then execute again.

Hopefully you won’t have to go bankrupt seven times like Walt Disney did.  (Although it appears to have worked out pretty good for him.)  Like Mark Cuban says, you only have to get it right once.

Too many times I see people and companies making excuses why they can’t launch a new product/blog/podcast/campaign, etc., etc.  The company wants to get another feasibility study.  The individual wants to ask Uncle Gordon what he thinks about the idea.  In both cases, it’s usually fear of taking action.

What is the thing you need to execute on today?

– RG

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