Flight Attendant Admits Trying to Smuggle Drugs Through Airport

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Scott:   Please take a moment to review the safety data card in the seat pocket in front of you.  Did you also find a package of cocaine in there?  Please return it to flight attendant Priya Govender.

Today, the South African Airways flight attendant has pleaded guilty to a run n’ coke — trying to smuggle 6 kilos of cocaine through Perth Airport.

She was originally arrested in August after arriving in Perth, Australia, on a flight from Johannesburg with the devil powder hidden inside hollowed-out books in her bags.

She was due to face trial for importing a “commercial quantity” of cocaine but switched to a guilty plea in court today.

The maximum penalty is life in jail with no chance of a Priority Pass.

Govender had been a South African Airways flight attendant for 7 years, mediating arm rest disputes and dealing with entitled customers who demand to get their food first — so she’s prepared for prison.

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Source: News.com.au