Getting Older versus Getting Wiser

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At 15, I was listening to Casey Kasem’s top 40 count down on WISM, breathlessly waiting to hear which song was going to be number one.  (We won’t mention me sobbing uncontrollably to the long distance dedication.)  I’m pretty sure that was the high point of my week.

I remember being in the mosh pit at the Orange Bowl for the Scorpions and Metallica.  In between sets, a guy would come out and drench us with a fire hose.  And we enjoyed that.  If someone tried doing that to me today, I would probably sue.

It used to be cool to get home at 5 am.  Now I think it’s cool to wake up at 5 am.

A big part in our self-development is changing the definitions of what brings us joy, satisfaction, and significance.   Some people see this as getting old.  Getting wiser might be a better description.

You probably beat yourself up for things you have changed over the years, or stopped doing.  But often, those changes are simply natural evolution of you moving to a higher stage of your life.

Celebrate your journey.

That journey is what brings magic to your life.  The trials and tribulations, the victories and achievements, and the lessons and learning.  And the best part isn’t even the breakthroughs.  It’s who you have to become to achieve those breakthroughs.


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