Give Yourself More Credit

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Here’s one more post on self-esteem, since it’s so vital to allowing yourself to live a prosperous life.  And the last thing I want to say about this is…

Give yourself more credit! 

You have accomplished a lot, against some very strong odds.  You have done things many humans have never been able to achieve.  Some of those things are amazing.

Many of you survived Boot Camp for the armed forces.  Some of you were in Special Forces.  Some of you have parachuted into a war zone, landed a jet on an aircraft carrier, or have been shot at.  Some of you have been seriously wounded and rebounded.

Many of you have or are taking care of an elderly parent, a sick sibling, or a special needs child.  Do you realize how special you are for that?

Many of you have birthed a child.  Or a few.  I can’t even begin to tell you how in awe of you I am by that.

Many of you have faced down a scary medical diagnosis.  Faced down a disease and won.  Conquered a disability.

Some of you were honors students.  Achieved the pinnacle of success in a sport, or scholastic achievement, or artistic endeavor.

I have fear of heights and don’t know how to swim.  So most of you amaze me by your ability to lean over a balcony or jump in a lake.

If you really did an inventory, you’d find that you have actually done some pretty remarkable things.   And lots of them.

So how about you change the perspective from what you haven’t done, to what you’ve already proven.

And take some pride in that.  Believe in yourself a little more.  And recognize that you’re a very talented creature!


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