Going for a Breakthrough

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So last post I told you that the reason many ultra-successful people reach a plateau, is because they’re afraid of the awesome strength of what they possess.  That sounded crazy to some of you.  But I see it happening again and again. 

Many people are actually fearful of what they know they would do, if they were to really kick it into overdrive and go for it.

Because of the negative mind viruses that many have become infected with, they may subconsciously sabotage themselves because they afraid of becoming too wealthy. I’ve seen people self-sabotage because they carry guilt about making more money than their parents.

Sometimes people throttle back simply because they know their life will get more complicated.  Because they realize that to manifest their greatness, they’re going to have to be a little breathless, running a little faster, just to keep up with themselves.  So they choose the crockpot, slow cooker life.

Don’t Be a Crockpot

Take a shot on a true breakthrough now and then.  Yes, stepping into your greatness is a little daunting, risky and challenging.  But it’s worth it.

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