Hurricane Florence Intensifying With 1 Million Ordered to Evacuate

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Hurricane Florence has intensified to a Category 4 storm as it approaches the Carolinas and Virginia.  Governors in all 3 states have already issued mandatory evacuation orders to residents in coastal areas.

The storm is expected to continue to strengthen this week before it makes landfall on Thursday.  Currently, the hurricane is traveling with 130 mph sustained winds.  But that figure is expected to increase to 150 mph.  Check out this video from space of the massive storm moving through the Atlantic Ocean.

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Experts are saying the magnitude of this storm is dramatic.  And this storm isn’t expected to just impact folks along the coast.  The National Hurricane Center is forecasting significant rainfall over a 7-day period, which could lead to catastrophic flooding.


Hurricane #Florence is not just a threat to the coast. Very heavy, prolonged rainfall is expected over a large portion of the Carolinas and mid-Atlantic. Here is the latest 7 day rainfall forecast from @NWSWPC.

— National Hurricane Center (@NHC_Atlantic) September 10, 2018

What Does Hurricane Florence Mean for Travelers?

The following airlines have issued travel advisories allowing travelers to change flight plans without paying change fees:

I recommend checking each airline’s website to confirm if you’re eligible to make a change.