Ignorance versus Stupidity

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Your Ability to Learn…

So last week I ended with a post beseeching you that growth was your purpose in life.  And of course a big part of growth is your ability to learn.

We are all born with a certain capacity for learning.  Your genes do have an effect.  The environment that you are raised in does help create positive or negative thought processes.  However, your ability to learn can be developed.  You can hone, improve, and accelerate your ability to learn.  So success is not about the capacity you were born with, but how you choose to use it.  (Or neglect it.)

Willingness to learn is a choice.

If you don’t know about something, that’s ignorance.  No shame in that.  We’re all ignorant in certain areas.  But when you have an opportunity to learn and reject it, that’s stupidity.

So what are you doing with your capacity for learning?


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