Important Message for T-Mobile Customers Who Travel Internationally

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T-Mobile is popular with many travelers because they offer a free hour of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi on domestic flights.  And because users on eligible plans can enjoy unlimited international data coverage and texting when traveling overseas.

But it looks like T-Mobile is trying to discourage folks from going overboard with the international data benefit.  If you’re a T-Mobile customer using more than 50% of your voice or data outside of the T-Mobile network for any 2 billing cycles within a 12-month period, there’s a chance your account is going to be blocked or shutdown.

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T-Mobile Customers Who Frequently Travel Overseas Should Make Sure Not to Roam Excessively. Otherwise, You Run the Risk of Having Your Account Blocked!

T-Mobile seems to be enforcing a term that was already in their contracts for years.  Affected customers on the T-Mobile ONE and T-Mobile ONE Plus plans have received messages stating the following:

The majority of the last two months of T-Mobile usage on line XXX-XXX-XXXX has been roaming internationally.  If this line continues to roam extensively abroad over the next month, the use will violate our terms and conditions, and your roaming usage will be blocked on September 25 2018.  See details:

Many other cell phone providers have a similar clause in their terms and conditions, but don’t enforce it as strictly.  That said, most other carriers don’t offer free data overseas!

If you are going abroad and know you’re going to be roaming excessively, you might consider:

  • Purchasing a local SIM card before you travel
  • Rent a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Try out Google Project Fi

We recommend checking the roaming terms and conditions in your phone plan before traveling abroad so your account doesn’t get shut down!  And so you don’t come back to a bill with lots of expected charges!

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