Is It Really Your Choice?

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Last post, we looked at the moments in life when you face choices.  And I encouraged you to make the bold choice.  But the other essential variable is to make sure it is your choice.

People make an astonishing number of choices without being aware they’re making them, because of subconscious programming they’re infected with.

We all have people we love, people we’d like to make happy.  But that’s a bad premise, because you can’t “make” anyone happy.  Happiness is a personal choice.  If their happiness Is dependent on you choosing to be a doctor or a lawyer, that’s crazy.  And if you decide to become a doctor or lawyer, to try and keep them happy, then you are acting bat shit crazy.

Here’s the deal, kids…

Their happiness needs to come from what they choose for themselves.  And your happiness needs to come from what you choose for yourself.

Maybe your father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all dentists, so they want you to be.  But if you’d rather be a marine biologist, go frolic with the fishies in the deep blue sea.

Your mother may want you to become the elite athlete she never had the opportunity to attempt.  But if you’d rather be a history professor, live your truth.

Maybe four generations of your family has graduated from Oxford University.  But if you really want to study theater, I hope you go for it.

Making choices to placate others usually leads to a life of regret or misery.  On the big choices, I hope you choose the bold options; the ones you really want.


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