It’s Back! The Barclays Arrival Plus Card Has Returned With a 60,000-Mile Bonus (Worth $600 in Travel)!

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Applications are live once again for the Barclays Arrival® Plus World Elite Mastercard®!  And it’s returned in style with an all-time high welcome bonus!

You’ll earn 60,000 Arrival Plus miles (worth $600 in travel) after meeting minimum spending requirements and paying the $89 annual fee.

Use Your Barclays Arrival Plus Miles for Expenses That Aren’t as Easy to Cover With Other Points, Like Train Travel!

The perks of the card look exactly the same as before.

The Barclays Arrival Plus Credit Card Is Back!

Link:   Barclays Arrival® Plus World Elite Mastercard®

With the Barclays Arrival Plus card you can earn 60,000 Arrival Plus miles after spending $5,000 on purchases within the first 90 days of account opening and paying the $89 annual fee.

You can redeem Arrival Plus miles for 1 cent each toward travel expenses like airfare, hotels, campgrounds, car rentals, cruise lines, trains, buses, taxis, and ferries.  You can also redeem Arrival Plus miles at a rate of 0.5 cents each for cash back and gift cards.  So you’ll want to use your miles toward travel expenses.

You can redeem Arrival Plus miles for eligible travel purchases made in the past 120 days.  And you’ll need to redeem at least 10,000 Arrival Plus miles ($100) at a time.  But you don’t have to redeem in $100 increments.  So if you book a $211 flight, you can redeem 21,100 Arrival Plus miles toward the expense.

The card also has the following perks:

  • 2 Arrival Plus miles on all eligible purchases
  • 5% miles rebate on all redemptions
  • NO foreign transaction fees

The 2 Arrival Plus miles you’ll earn per $1 is essentially 2% back toward travel.  But when you include the 5% miles rebate on redemptions, you could actually be earning up to 2.1% in travel rewards on every purchase (2 Arrival Plus miles + 5% miles rebate)!

Is This a Good Deal?

The Barclays Arrival Plus card doesn’t earn transferable miles like the Barclays Arrival Premier card.  But for most folks I still think the Barclays Arrival Plus is a better deal because it comes with a great sign-up bonus.  The Barclays Arrival Premier card doesn’t have an intro bonus.  Plus, its transfer rate to airlines isn’t favorable.

But before you apply for this card, remember that Barclays is one of the tougher banks when it comes to credit card approvals.  You’ll typically only be approved for 1 or 2 Barclays cards a year.  And if they see a lot of recently opened cards, you’re likely to be denied.

In the past, I’ve had Barclays applications denied for not spending much on my current Barclays card.  So keep that in mind.  But you are eligible for this card and its sign-up bonus if you’ve had it in the past but you don’t currently have it.  Data points show that you aren’t eligible for the bonus if you hold either the Barclays Arrival Plus or the no annual fee Barclays Arrival.

Bottom Line

The Barclays Arrival Plus card has returned from the dead!

It has a 60,000 Arrival Plus mile sign-up bonus, which you’ll earn after spending $5,000 on purchases within the first 90 days of account opening and paying the $89 annual fee.  The bonus is worth at least $600 in travel!

This is a great card to get if you like earning travel rewards that can be redeemed for expenses like Airbnbs, trains, and cruises.