Know Your Enemy

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For the last five posts we’ve studied negative and limiting beliefs that can cause you to self-sabotage your own success.  Most people are brainwashed with subconscious beliefs that hold them back, yet they have no idea those beliefs are in their mind.

Those beliefs manifest in believing you are too old, young, stupid, unworthy, untalented, ignorant, dumb, slow, fat, ugly, skinny, weak, or even evil.  Understand something.  You were not born with these beliefs…

Someone programed those beliefs into you.

And the people who did this are your enemy.  Those people and the beliefs they infect you with, prevent you from manifesting and accepting the prosperity that is your birthright.

Here’s the biggest problem you’ll face with these enemies…

They’re probably your parents, siblings and other loved ones.  They’re coaches and teachers, mentors and supporters.  You probably love a lot of them. You might be married to one of them.

And you have to protect yourself from them.

Sometimes your successes will remind them of their failures.  So they become petty and jealous and want to sabotage you, often without even knowing they are doing this.

Sometimes they are trying to vicariously live their life through yours.  So they will push you to become a dentist/lawyer/athlete or other path that would make you miserable.

Sometimes they simply don’t realize the world has changed and what they believe is in your highest good (EX: Going 80K in debt for college and trying to get a “safe” job with a big company) is actually horrible advice for you.

So how does this all play out?

They may want the best for you; they may not want the best for you.  (Usually, they actually do want good things for you.)  It really doesn’t matter.  All that really matters is that you be a critical thinker and analyze what is said and done to you.  Recognize that a lot of the beliefs that people try and program you with are evil.

You’re not obligated to anyone – not even your mom or your kids – to live a life below your potential, or without joy. No one has the right to ask you that.  No one.

Understand that the idea they have for your success and prosperity may not be congruent with your reality.  Don’t let anyone guilt you or shame you into a path that isn’t right for you.  Never accept demeaning treatment or abuse of any kind.  Set boundaries.

The greatest gift you can give anyone you love and who also loves you – is for you to live a life of true prosperity.

– RG

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