Learning from the Experience of Others…

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So Henry Miller had a fascinating view of himself and humanity.  Check this out:

“I didn’t dare to think of anything then except the ‘facts.’ To get beneath the facts I would have had to be an artist, and one doesn’t become an artist overnight. First you have to be crushed, to have your conflicting points of view annihilated. You have to be wiped out as a human being in order to be born again an individual. You have to be carbonized and mineralized in order to work upwards from the last common denominator of the self. You have to get beyond pity in order to feel from the very roots of your being.”

In my case, I didn’t have to be carbonized and mineralized, but pretty damn close to that.

I had to personally make almost all the mistakes, just to verify they actually were mistakes.  At 15, I had to go to jail for armed robbery, before I considered the possibility of a better life plan.  At 30, I had to have my business seized by the tax authorities before I decided to learn better management skills.  I had to blow up relationship after relationship, before I was willing to do the necessary work to maintain healthy ones.  (Work which was on me, not them.)

There are so many timeless and universal principles that when followed, allow us to live a lives of prosperity and abundance.  Do you learn from them, and give yourself a head start towards enlightenment?

Or are you foolish and headstrong as I was, determined to make every mistake yourself?


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