Living Life Full-Time

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I’m an entrepreneur, because I’m psychologically unemployable.  If I had a boss, one of us would end up dead.

For two reasons really…

First, because I hate wasted effort; doing meaningless things for internal politics.  And secondly, I hate even more, wasted human potential.

Because when you fail to achieve your potential, it is a sin against the force that created you.

And there’s way too much of both these instances happening in the employment world.  It appears the average person spends about 60 percent of their time, doing their actual job.  And then they spend the other 40 percent, making sure everyone knows they are doing their job.

Now that’s sad, but let me tell you what’s much worse: The same principle, applied to living life.

It seems like people spend 40 percent of their life actually living it.  And then the other 60 percent trying to convince everyone else that they have a great life.

They are only actually living life part-time, because they waste the rest of it of it, trying to impress others.

They’re upside down on a car lease because they want to impress their neighbor.  The ironic thing is that half the time, their neighbor can’t even afford that house, but they moved there to try and impress the people in their life.

Most people don’t spend two seconds thinking about how they might make the world a little bit better place.  But they’ll spend seven minutes making sure they have the right filter on their Instagram post.

They go out to dinner with their loved ones and instead of being in the moment with them, they’re checking how many people “liked” their last Facebook post.

If I weren’t an author, you wouldn’t catch me dead on social media.   I believe in my work and want to support the publishers who get it out to the world.  So you’ll find me all over social media.  But I’m not there to convince you my life is better than yours.  I’m there to create meaningful dialogue with my tribe.

I don’t look for validation from others, because they’re not qualified to give it to me.  I know why I’m doing things – and whether I’m doing them for the right reasons.

And so do you.

Stop trying to impress people with your life. Just start living it. Full-time.


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