Looking in the Mirror

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Last post I shared with you the question that transformed my life forever.  It was the question I asked in desperation, after a continuous pattern of health challenges, business failures, toxic relationships, and self-sabotage.

And that question was… 

In all of these drama and trauma situations, is there one person – who was always at the scene of the crime?

Now of course I didn’t like the answer I came up with for that question.  It was a metaphysical kick in the nuts.  But the reason it transformed my life, was I changed the direction of my searching.  Instead of looking outside, I turned the gaze inside.

And if I could isolate one thing that breakthroughs are made from, it would be that.  The willingness to work on yourself.  Developing self-awareness.

The tragic truth for most people is they get the life they’re willing to put up with.  Why do they settle for that?

Because then they can play the victim card.  Nothing is ever their fault.  So while they live a life of quiet desperation, at least they can tell themselves it isn’t their fault.

And that’s it, kids, end of story.  You either play the victim card, and try to blame your circumstances on external factors.  Or you take responsibility and co-create your life.

So which option are you choosing?


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