Mindset: Reversing Negative Thoughts…

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So let’s go back to the real million-dollar question that started this whole series.  What do you do, when you realize that your default setting is thoughts that are negative or based in poverty consciousness?

First, you work on starting to catch them.  Meaning that you notice when you have a lack-centered or fear-based thought.  This is often much harder than it sounds.  Because you’ve been conditioned to think you are your thoughts – as opposed to the thinker of your thoughts.  Understand this vital distinction.

When something happens and you catch a bad thought, you have to stop and reposition it.  Example: You’re notice someone you’re attracted to at a party.  You consider approaching them and immediately think about being rejected.  Notice that and speak to yourself mentally. “Isn’t that interesting? I was thinking about approaching that person, and my first thought was rejection! Where did that come from?  Aren’t I just making that up?  Why am I not thinking that they would be delighted to meet me?”

And you know what, they still could reject you.  But that’s really not likely.  But even if they did, you still would have started the change in your thought process.  And every time you make an incremental change, it takes you closer to the breakthrough point – which is what we will discuss in tomorrow’s post.


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