Occupation: Victim

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We’ve spoken a great deal in this forum about the ultimate choice we all face: to be a victim or a victor.  So why do so many people still choose being a self-imposed victim?

I believe it’s because they choose to run from reality, and accepting responsibility for their own actions.  And it’s an epidemic in our society today.  A very popular one.  Because once you identify yourself as a victim – by those bullshit stories you sell yourself – you no longer have to work to succeed.

Because you’re limited by your student debt, bitch ex-wife, cheap boss, bad economy, or whatever story you’ve sold yourself – even attempting to succeed would be futile.

So you change what you channel your energy into…

And instead of devoting energy on achieving success – you squander it all on trying to identify, explain, and validate why it’s simply not possible for you to achieve success.

And what a miserable fucking waste of your life that is! It is literally self-imposed slavery.  You are psychologically enslaved to the person, institution, or condition you are attempting to blame for holding you back.

The only way to break this slavery is to decide to.  Not always so easy to do.  But you can do it.  And we’ll discuss how, on the next post.

In the meantime, please share your thoughts below.


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