Philadelphia Eagles Fans Drink a Southwest Flight Dry & No Charges Were Filed!

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I’m a life-long Philadelphia Eagles fan and let’s be honest, Philly fans don’t make the news very often unless the article includes “charged with” in the headline.  But on a recent Southwest flight to Nashville, a large contingent of Eagles fans had a good time and…absolutely nothing negative happened!

Personally, I’m not surprised.  We’ve got plenty of reasons to celebrate and we’re generally a friendly bunch.  In case you haven’t heard, we are the reigning Super Bowl champs (saying that never gets old)!

But you gotta hand it to the 175 fans who drank all the alcohol on the plane and then serenaded Southwest flight attendant Rachel Manning to their rendition of “fly Eagles fly” over 35 times.  And hats off to Southwest for hiring staff who know how to have a good time and embrace the moment!

But the story doesn’t end there.

Manning’s Instagram post went viral with the Philadelphia media.  The next day she ended up with a ticket to tailgate and join some of her passengers at the game!

Unfortunately, this story didn’t have a happy ending.  The Eagles lost to the Titans in overtime 26-23. 🙁