Poverty Doesn’t Buy Happiness

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You hear tropes like “money doesn’t buy happiness” all the time.  True.  Money and material things don’t buy happiness.

But they can allow you the freedom and self-expression that makes you happy.  So let’s not repel them with negative energy.

And can we please lose the ‘poverty is virtuous’ bullshit?  Because poverty doesn’t buy happiness either.  Poverty causes people to lie, cheat, steal and even kill.  There is nothing spiritual about it.

Speaking of poverty versus prosperity, I’m pumped to announce to you that I just launched the Power Prosperity Podcast.  It will have the audio version of my Prosperity TV show every Monday and other content, made exclusively for the podcast subscribers.  The first show is about how you actually define prosperity for yourself.  Some great food for thought for you.  You can subscribe here.


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