Reassurance is Futile…

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I flew to LA last weekend to attend a writer’s conference.  It confirmed a few things about the laws of the universe.  Namely that:

  • All writers are neurotic.
  • Everyone is Hollywood is neurotic.
  • And Hollywood writers are five-alarm-fire neurotic.

I’d like to believe that people came to the conference to hone their craft.  But it sure seemed like most were looking for validation.  I get that.  It’s a lonely profession.  People look for social proof, outside validation, and reassurance that they are on the right path.

But no one can really give that to you…

The only validation or assurance that matters, is the one you give yourself.  At some point, you have to step up and speak up, for yourself.

And do that bold, daring and imaginative thing, because only you can do it.  And you know you can do it.

So what are you waiting for?


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