Responding to the Challenges and Realities of Life

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In yesterday’s post we looked at how we can use the power of the mind.  And that is really about taking responsibility for your life, by taking responsibility for your choices.  Because it is by those choices you make, that you co-create your life.

Only you don’t get to choose everything…

You won’t be able to control the vast majority of things: Losing a loved one, economic downturns, or earthquakes are out of your control on a macro level.  Even on a micro level, you won’t be able to choose how tall you are, whether your cousin is a jerk, or if your softball games get rained out.

Shit happens.

Sure, you can influence things.  But shit still happens.  You could exercise, take supplements, eat healthy, not smoke, volunteer at the orphanage, be a good tipper, and still get diagnosed with cancer.

Horrible, horrific things happen to good people every single day.  And sometimes they are going to happen to you.  And when they do, you’ll face the ultimate question: whether you choose to become a victim or a victor.

We like to look at famous people on TV and fantasize about their stress-free, ideal, perfect lives.  But that’s just a fantasy.  Everyone has issues and everyone faces challenges.

Life is never about avoiding adversity, unless you want to live in a protected cocoon of mediocrity.  Life is about surviving and surmounting the adversities.  It’s never about what happens to you, but always about how you respond to what happens to you.

So how you doing on that?


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