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Go and See Rare Artworks All Over the World at A Much More Affordable Rate

Originally posted on Collective Works on February 12, 2016.

As an artist, you probably already know that no photos of famous artworks will ever come close to the original painting. The photos are always off colored and lack the depth of the paint texture and feel.

The visual beauty of art also has a lot to do with the natural vibe of the gallery and its destination. Visiting a real piece of art gives you a much better appreciation of the culture of the artist and enhances your art viewing experience.

Top art destinations that artists will love

Paris – Paris is home to the most visited museum, the Louvre which hosts the world’s best known painting, the “Mona Lisa”. This gorgeous painting has been on display in the Louvre for more than 200 years alongside 35,000 pieces of art from prehistory to the 19th century.

Turkey – Turkey is home to the Goreme Open Air Museum. Centuries ago, the monastic communities carved over 30 cave churches and chapels into towering rock formations in central Turky. Today the chapels are a glorious work of art that artists should definitely consider visiting.

Vatican City – The Vatican museums houses Michelangelo’s painted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and is known as one of the most influential works in the history of Western art. The artworks have a quality that is hardly creatable with even the most modern of technology and is definitely a sight to see, especially since Michelangelo preferred sculpting to painting.

How to afford art trips

Trips to art destinations such as Paris, Turkey and Vatican City are incredibly expensive. You need to budget for your accommodation, airline trips, food and other expenditures. One of the best ways that you can finally make your dreams come true and go visit rare paintings is by becoming a member of ZynTravel. Visit ZynTravel the Company Described – An Expert’s Point of View to find out more about their unique membership packages and all the top destinations that you will have access to.

Why ZynTravel is the perfect solution for art lovers

ZynTravel is an internationally recognized company that will give you access to;

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  • Thousands of rental car agencies so you can rent a car at affordable rates and visit all the art hotspots easier.
  • Concierge services so a professional can plan out your trip for you and create a travel plan so you can visit as many galleries as possible in one trip.

As an added benefit, art lovers can also earn extra cash by recruiting more affiliates so they can journey more often and view more art galleries and rare artworks.

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