Seeking Out Stress

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In yesterday’s post, we discussed the bad effects stress and negative emotions can have on your health.  I was delighted to see Paul point out some research about the detrimental effect of no stress.

Sadly, too few people are aware of this.  And I believe the no-stress situations are often worse than the acute-stress ones.  Because when you set up you life for no stress, you’re basically checking out.  You’ve already died, but forgot to lie down.

The wall that protects you from rejection, is the same one that keeps out love…

Any situation where you are protected from losing, is also one that guarantees you can’t win…

Almost any goal you set that is stress-free to achieve, is probably not worth pursuing…

Or as one of my favorite authors likes to say, Risky Is the New Safe.  Take a shot.  Create a little stress for yourself and use it to focus.  Employ it for motivation.  Seek out some stress, and it means you’re growing, learning new skills, and actually living life.

So how you doing on that?


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