Seriously Simple Plan for Prosperity

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It isn’t about the goal.  It isn’t about the vision.  Living a life of true prosperity is really about your habits.

How does one person wind up at 70, working still at Walmart, struggling to pay their bills, overweight, on eight medications, in poor health?  Yet another 70-year-old is leading a vibrant life of retirement and hobbies, with their home paid for, no debt, full of energy, and living comfortably.

What caused the difference?

We can probably trace it back to the habits the had when they were 30.

You can set goals, craft a vision, think positive, make affirmations, burn incense, and watch The Secret every morning.  But your life and results never change until you change your habits.

Waking up and reaching on the nightstand for your cell phone is a habit.  So is waking up and reaching on the nightstand for your dog-eared copy of As a Man Thinketh.

Getting paid, paying your pressing bills and spending the rest is a habit.  Getting paid, setting aside a portion for savings and investments, then living on the rest is a habit.

Starting your day with cardiovascular exercise is a habit.  Or your habit might be going through a drive thru window for a sandwich made with two pancakes surrounding sausage and cheese.

Your habit could be coming home from work, kicking off your shoes, ordering a pizza and Netflix.  Or your habit could be coming home from work, hitting the gym, showering and playing with the kids.

Starting your day with a double latte, mocha-loca caramel macchiato dolce latte is a habit.  So is starting your day with an herbal tea with honey or stevia.

You could tell your partner, “Don’t wait up, I’ll be late,” as you leave every day.  Or you could tell your partner, “Bye, I love you,” as you leave every day.

What does your future hold?  The answer is pretty simple…

Your future is the result of your daily habits.



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