Skeleton Man Walking Skeleton Dinosaur in Midland, South Dakota

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Skeleton Man Walking Skeleton Dinosaur.

Picture this: You’ve been driving for miles across the sprawling prairie, taking in views of the serene rolling hills, occasional critters, and ... an enormous skeletal man walking his skeleton dinosaur. It’s no roadtrip-induced trick of the eye—the boney man and his prehistoric pet do indeed exist.

Stumbling across this artistic treasure is sure to give you a smile. Seeing the skeleton leading a T-Rex on a leash is a quirky sight for sure. Head in the direction the two metal beings seem to be going, and you’ll soon come across an equally charming attraction.

The man and his dinosaur appear to be heading to the Original 1880 Town. The tiny town is full of buildings from the 1880s to the 1920s, many of which are packed with artifacts, relics, and photographs from South Dakota’s pioneer days. People can rent period costumes and stroll around town reenacting their wildest Old West fantasies.

Though Skeleton Man Walking Skeleton Dinosaur doesn’t seem related to Original 1880 Town, it was constructed by members of the family who created the old fashioned village.