Smart Ways to Use Capital One Venture Miles for Big Travel

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Card Name Sign-Up Bonus
Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit CardCapitalOneVenture50,000 Venture miles after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening

You can save Big Money using miles and points for award flights and stays.  But other travel expenses can be harder to offset, like commuter transportation, boutique hotels, or amusement park tickets.

The Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card sign-up bonus alone is worth $500 in travel after meeting minimum spending.  And Capital One Venture miles are straightforward to earn and redeem for LOTS of different travel purchases!

Smart Ways To Use Capital One Venture Miles For Big Travel
Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World? With the Right Strategy, You Can Use Capital One Venture Miles Towards Your Tickets

Capital One has a very broad definition of what counts as travel, so you might be surprised at the types of travel expenses you can redeem miles for!  But some travel purchases are better redemptions than others.  Especially if you collect other flexible miles and points which can be worth far more in certain situations.

I’ll share clever ways to use your Capital One Venture miles for Big Travel!

Free Travel With Capital One Venture Miles

Apply Here:   Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

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Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card

Million Mile Secrets readers have commented on the best ways to use Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card miles.

The Capital One Venture card offers 50,000 Venture miles (worth $500 in travel) after spending $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months.

You’ll also get:

The $95 annual fee is waived the first year.

The card also comes with Visa Signature Benefits, which include:

  • Rental car insurance – Secondary protection against collision or theft
  • Travel accident insurance – Up to $250,000 insurance for accidental loss of life, limb, sight, speech or hearing
  • Lost luggage insurance – Up to $3,000 per trip, provided the luggage was lost from theft or misdirection by the airline, cruise, etc.

There’s no limit to the number of miles you can earn, and miles won’t expire if your account is open.  And there are no blackout dates so you can travel when you want!

Smart Ways To Use Capital One Venture Miles For Big Travel
Capital One Venture Miles Make Travel Planning Easy, Because There Are Never Blackout Dates

That said, Venture miles have a fixed value of 1 cent per point when you redeem them for travel.  And you can NOT transfer Venture miles to airline or hotel programs like you can with Chase Ultimate Rewards or Citi ThankYou points.

So for expensive award flights or hotel stays, you’ll often spend fewer miles or points by transferring other flexible points to travel partners.

For example, an award night at the Park Hyatt New York costs 30,000 Hyatt points.  And rooms there can cost over $1,000 per night!

It Costs 30,000 Hyatt Points for a Room Worth ~$1,360. But Using Venture Miles, You’d Spend a LOT More Miles!

At this particular hotel, you’d have to spend ~136,000 Venture miles to erase the cost of the room (~$1,360 cost of room / 1 cent per mile).  That doesn’t make sense if you have Hyatt points (or Chase Ultimate Rewards points, which you can transfer to Hyatt) to use instead.

So it’s often better to use Venture miles for travel you can’t redeem other miles and points for.  Or for smaller travel purchases that might not be eligible for redemption through other programs.

Venture Miles Are Easy to Redeem

Folks like Venture miles because you can redeem them for a wide variety of travel costs, including Airbnb stays, Uber rides, and flights or hotels with NO blackout dates.

To redeem your Venture miles for travel, use your Capital One Venture card to pay for your travel purchase.  Once it’s posted to your account, you can “erase” the cost with miles.  However, you must redeem the miles within 90 days of your purchase.

For example, you could use 50,000 Venture miles to erase the cost of a $500 flight.

I like that these cards have NO minimum redemption increment when redeeming miles, unless you’re using miles to partially pay for a travel purchase.  In that case, the minimum is 2,500 Venture miles ($25).

That’s much better than the similar Barclays Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard®, where you can only redeem your miles for purchases of $100+.  So Venture miles are much more useful for smaller travel purchases, like Uber or train tickets.

Smart Ways To Use Capital One Venture Miles For Big Travel
Smaller Travel Purchases, Like Train Tickets, Can Be a Good Way to Redeem Capital One Venture Miles

What OFFICIALLY Counts as a Travel Purchase?

According to Capital One, travel purchases include:

Airlines, hotels, rail lines, car rental agencies, limousine services, bus lines, cruise lines, taxi cabs, travel agents, and timeshares.


Availability for redemption is based on the merchant category code assigned to them by the merchant.  Capital One is not responsible for how merchants assign these codes.

These Are NOT Officially Listed, but Folks Report Having Good Luck

That said, data points from cardholders suggest the travel category is much broader.  You can typically redeem Venture miles for:

  • Airlines
  • Hotels (including boutique and independent hotels)
  • Car rentals
  • Online travel agencies and 3rd-party booking sites (like Orbitz)
  • Cruise lines
  • Bus lines
  • Rail lines
  • Hotel meals (when charged to your hotel room, including Disney hotels)
  • Airbnb
  • Lyft and Uber
  • Taxi rides
  • Disney World tickets or other park tickets purchased through Undercover Tourist
  • Travel agents
  • U-Haul storage units, according to a phone call with a Capital One representative

For example, you could use your miles to stay at a unique Airbnb!

Use Your Venture Miles to Offset the Cost of This Modern Glass Tree House Airbnb in Tuscany!

Or consider taking a dream cruise to the Greek Islands.

If a Cruise Is on Your Bucket List, Venture Miles Are a Great Option

If you often take Uber, Lyft, or taxi rides, using Capital One Venture miles to erase these costs is a good choice.

Smart Ways To Use Capital One Venture Miles For Big Travel
Use 1,000 Capital One Venture Miles to Erase the Cost of Those Pesky $10 Taxi Rides

If you’re planning a Disney or Universal Studios trip, Undercover Tourist sells discounted tickets.  And folks report these purchases qualify for Venture miles redemption!

Smart Ways To Use Capital One Venture Miles For Big Travel
Purchase Universal Orlando Tickets Through Undercover Tourist and Redeem Venture Miles for Your Visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

And lots of folks book train travel as a cheaper alternative to flying.  Rail lines like Amtrak qualify as travel, too!

Enjoy Magnificent Views on an Amtrak Train and Use Venture Miles for Your Tickets

Sorry, You Can NOT Erase These Types of Purchases

Keep in mind, some purchases you’d think would code as travel aren’t actually eligible.

These include:

As always, the best way to use miles and points is for travel that’s important to YOU.  So use your Venture miles however you like!

Bottom Line

Capital One Venture miles are valuable because they offer great flexibility and are NOT subject to blackout dates.  The sign-up bonus on the Capital One Venture card is worth $500 in travel after meeting minimum spending requirements.

And miles are easy to redeem!  Just book your travel with the card, then use your miles to erase the whole charge or a partial amount within 90 days of your purchase.

It often makes more sense to redeem Venture miles for travel purchases that can’t be offset by other miles and points, like boutique hotels, inexpensive Uber or taxi rides, or train tickets.  You can even use Venture miles to pay for Disney and Universal Studios tickets purchased through Undercover Tourist!

What travel purchases have you erased with Capital One Venture miles?