Solitude Speedway in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Solitude Speedway closeup.

This image of a cherry-red bike parked atop a sea of bright white salt is sure to grab anyone’s attention, even from a distance. Look closely the artwork, and you’ll see it’s made with a rather unconventional medium: tape. 

Solitude Speedway is a 32-foot-by-eight-foot piece of wall art. Salt Lake City artist Chad Farnes created it using mainly duct tape, though there are other types of tape incorporated as well.

It’s an eye-catching work of art adorning the halls of the city’s Salt Palace, a bustling convention center. With its crisp colors and striking patterns, the work adds a vibrant touch of nature-themed beauty to the indoor space.

The piece is inspired by the Salt Flats just west of Salt Lake City. It’s meant to highlight the two previous Salt Palace buildings; the first which held a velodrome (a bike racetrack) and the second which was a sports arena that was home to the Salt Lake Golden Eagles hockey team.